My creative work has always been accompanied by an interest in the basic artistic component of our society – a person. I was always interested in how a person perceives her/himself(or other), what ‘face’ a person is displaying when interacting with other people and how society sees him/her(or other) as an individual, social being. My interest is driven by artistic motivation and by my perception of an individual’s role in society and her or his (or other) identity.

In my bachelor’s thesis I focused on researching feminist art, female identity and the question of how to depict those ideas through painting, with an erotic art and the possibility of pornographic art as an option. In such context, I made a series of explicit artworks, which are questioning the relationship between the observer and the raw depiction of female genitalia. I was also researching the place of such depictions in the colourful area of art.

In my master’s thesis, I focused not only on the physical depiction of reality, but also on depiction of psychological image of a certain person and it’s femininity, with femininity being considered as a set of traits that are not necessarily conditional by biological sex, but are differing from individual to individual by co-creating their own image and identity. Furthermore, I tried – through the works of art – to express modernity, since through my eyes this temporal element is seen as ground-breaking and necessary in perception, acceptance and exploration of identities. I depicted contemporality as a series of elements that remind me of contemporary word- digitalisation. Certain elements on the canvas are reminiscent of the result of image modifications on some computer programmes or applications, or on smart devices. I wanted to express both, the general digitalisation in the contemporary society and the digitalisation of images, and I found it both being hugely fascinating when painted in classical style. I painted a series of portraits in the form of unusual images as a feel of various identities. Some of them are marginal, repressed or overlooked, and are not even understood as identities.



Currently living and painting in Radenci, Slovenia, Petra Bajić was born in 1990 in Koper and lived in Izola for most of her life before heading to College in Ljubljana.


2005-2009 Gimnazija Koper, general high school, art division Koper, Slovenija

Title: high school graduate

2014-2017 College of visual arts Arthouse Ljubljana, Slovenija

Title: painting degree/diploma

2017- 2019 College of visual arts Arthouse  Ljubljana, Slovenija

Title: master of visual arts

2018- 2019 Modul for art mentors at JSKD [Public fund for cultural activities]  Ljubljana, Slovenija