With my work I am researching mainly female sexuality and how we understand it. I am interested in physical depiction of sexuality and erotica, as well as in the dialogue between a work of art and the viewer. I think I can turn my female sexual energy into art, with which I can express my personality and problems in some social areas that create my identity.

My depictions of a female body, or just a part of it, represent more than one layer of femininity and female sexuality the way I experience it. I do not see my work as a depiction of naked body nor as a nude (as definitions of Linda Nead and Kenneth Clark), but I try to create images that are moving somewhere in between. The superficial reading of my images is a rough confrontation with female sexuality, which is a manifestation of a higher force, a goddess. In this way I am trying to show all this different aspects of a female: physical, psychological, philosophical.

In my work I also deal with the question about the border line between erotica and pornography, because it is very thin and it can be understood subjectively. I wonder how much nudity and explicit sexuality can an artist apply to his/her work, in the way that it can be still seen as art.