Series of paintings V, 2017



»As an artist I am interested in non-conventional poses of the body and perspectives to look at it. I feel the need for understanding the human body and see it from different angles, especially my own as a female. Therefore I am not dealing with en face portraits, with which I cannot express the theme that I am interested in – female sex. For this series I decide to use only gynecological poses and depict vulvas, which I would not be able to do with classical female nude poses (…). I wanted women to be seen just the way they are, with the rough depiction of her vulva, and not like an allegory or a symbol for tenderness, motherhood, emotions etc., since none of that is defining every woman. My illustrated females are reduced to their sex organ, therefore they do not represent femmes-fatales and they are not just vulvas as an association for sexuality, because I wanted to achieve a universal symbol of female sexuality. I did not want vulvas to be seen as beauty, sexual or sensual ideal, but to expose the importance of individual perception and recognition of invisible female aspects.

My own sexual identity (not orientation) is defining my artworks, which can help a viewer in such a way, so that he or she would not interpret them wrongly, as entirely erotic. In the creation process (…) I frequently use my own body as a model, for that reason I cannot see my paintings as works that objectify women.

With the depiction of female sex organs I wanted to contribute to de-tabooing of such visual and ideological images. (…) For truly understanding this series, one must look at it as art, and not as pornography, since one can chose to look at it like the latter. My primary purpose was not pornographic. I just see the image of female sex organs as the only suitable symbol for a woman«.

From my thesis: Female artist and her sexuality, 2017

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